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Eiyala personality sheet by purenightshade


This collection does not have any deviations yet!


I've done away with the deadlines on the Quests to allow members to complete them at their leisure. More coming soon!

Quest 01: Dress for Success
Now that you have an Eiyala, show us what kind of clothing they would like to wear. After all, who wants to run around in their underwear all the time? In your image description, tell us what their name is and a little bit about them.

This quest can be completed once per character.

Rewards: 2 shards

Quest 02: Gotta have one!
Everyone has a hobby or a thing that they like to do. Show us your Eiyala doing what it is that they love to do best.

Rewards: 2 shards

Quest 03: Giving Thanks
Since the Eiyala have started their integration into human society, they have noticed that they have this funny tradition every year of eating a large amount of food and stating what they are thankful for. While eating an excessive amount of meat is bad for the Eiyala, the idea of listing the things that they are thankful for is appealing.
What is your Eiyala thankful for? Is it something as simple as rainbows or is it something much bigger than that?

Rewards: 1 shard

Quest 04: Darkest Night Masquerade
The Eiyala have always held the Solstices to be sacred. It's a time to gather together with friends and family. sometimes gifts are exchanged between close friends, but it isn't a requirement. Parties are often held with the biggest and most lavish ones being the ones held at the various Courts. Is your Eiyala lucky enough to have received an invitation to a Court Masquerade? If so, do they go? What do they wear? Masks are mandatory.
If they didn't receive an invitation, what do they do instead? Do they have a smaller, private gathering?

Mod's note: Anyone who wishes may say that their Eiyala has received and invitation to attend the Masquerade.

Rewards: 2 shards

Quest 05: A myth, I tell you!</b>
The Eiyala were what initially gave rise to myths about unicorns. They think this is really funny, that the humans could have gotten things so wrong. Now that the two societies are integrating with each other, the Eiyala sometimes enjoy media involving the humans' ideas about unicorns.

Draw your Eiyala dressed up as their favourite fictional unicorn.

Rewards: 2 shards

:star:All quests may be completed for each Eiyala you own. Points will be awarded each time a quest is completed. :star:
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